According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, approximately 6.1 million American women and their partners experience infertility, leading approximately 1 in 5 couples to seek fertility treatments.

Hypnofertility is not simply about becoming pregnant, we are here to help you in all phases of the reproduction cycle, and whether you are utilizing assisted reproduction or the natural process. At 5280 Hypnotherapy™ we support you through every stage of the process to create and bring about your heart’s desire.

“Infertility Doctors” are more frequently turning to hypnosis to aid their patients in their fertility treatments. Hypnosis is a powerful process that can increase the success rate of invitro and IUI. Hypnosis can help with conception, coping with unpleasant procedures, the grief of disappointment, with affirmations for maintaining balance, self-esteem and intimacy in-patients relationship.

At 5280 Hypnotherapy, we are here to work within your belief system, release sub-conscious blocks, decrease your stress levels, find your inner peace and teach you to accept your body.

Women often lose faith in the natural process after having spent many years focusing on their cycles and am I pregnant or am I not pregnant. At 5280 Hypnotherapy the trained clinical hypnotherapists assist you in regaining your connection with your body, working through the fears, anxiety and sometimes the anger associated with the fertility process.

5280 Hypnotherapy has created a comprehensive program including a workbook, 2 CD’s and the 4-hypnotherapy sessions to assist you through the process of creating a newlife.

After an in-depth interview the clinical hypnotherapist begins working with your sub-conscious through a hypnotic trance, focusing first on stress and relaxation then moving on to areas the client and clinical Hypnotherapist feel are causing concern. As with any hypnosis process the client remains in control during the sessions.

If you'd like more information about how hypnosis may help you in your particular situation,
please email grace@5280hypno.com